Adaptable Manned Aerial Platform.  Our Cessna 337 aircraft are the ideal choice for affordable fixed-wing, high endurance, air services across a wide variety of mission areas:


  • GPS, TACAN, VHF, UHF, Full spectrum LOS (UHF/VHF/Maritime) voice communication relay platform to include MILCOM UHF.

  • Separate Audio control panel for Pilot, Copilot, and Observers

  •  Target Command and Control Telemetry Relay platform for SNTC and PCCU

  • AUTOCAT / Communication Relay Platform

  • Missile Control Test Set (MCTS), combat systems testing and alignment

  • Range clearance operations for "live fire" missile shoots

  • Mammal Mitigation / Surface Clearance Operations

  • Combat Systems Testing and Alignment (TrackX) using centerline high candlepower LEDs

  • Low, Slow Flier presentation, SL to 18,000 ft. / 65-200 kts.

  • Extended Overwater Operations Up to 8 hours

  • Aerial and Surface Target Location, Tracking and Recovery, Surveillance / EO

  • Ability to mount wing/fuselage Cameras, Radars, and Antennas.

Search and Rescue / Maritime Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Pilots are experienced in overland and overwater SAR.

  • Experienced with coordination with USAF RCC for overland SAR and USCG RCC (rescue coordination center) for maritime SAR and in acting as the on-scene commander for coordinating multiple SAR aircraft 

  • Equipped and capable for long endurance overwater visual search

  • Long endurance/low speed/ low altitude capable = long-range search at optimum visual search altitude and lower speed for a greater chance of spotting survivors (too fast /too high doesn't work)

  • Long endurance allows aircraft to remain on station with survivors while rotor wing or seaborne assets arrive   

  • High wing allows optimum visual search capability for up to three observers plus the pilot.

  • Equipped to fly precise search patterns via our nav systems (ladder, expanding square, etc) at optimum visual search altitude.


  • 100% mission completion rate since 2008 for operations in support of US Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and General Dynamics


Current Capability: 

  • Certified under FAA 135 and Department of Interior Office of Aviation Services

  • Certified for Low-Level Extended Overwater Operations

  • Current Rental Agreement with DOI under ARA # D12PA00123

  • Fleet flexibility to be equipped as needed for all future operations


Cessna 337G:

  • High Wing Multi-Engine

  • Electrical System: 28 volts

  • Max Alt 18,000 ft.  Normal Speed Envelope 62-185 Kts.

  • Payload: 1160 lbs.


Aircraft Time On Station Example - Extended Overwater


Conditions:  Distance to operations area: 125 nm.  Time to operations area 45 minutes.  Zero wind.   IFR fuel reserves.  Launch and recover from the same airfield.


Time on station using aggressive maneuvering power:  4 hrs. Speed envelope on station 62-200 kts.

Time on station using normal cruise power:  4 hrs. 45 min.  Speed on station 165 kts.

Time on station using max endurance power:  6 hrs. 30 min.  Speed envelope on station 70-150 kts.


Diverse Group of Aviation Professionals.   Anthem’s diverse personnel includes Navy fighter, Navy P-3, airline and general aviation operation backgrounds.    

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