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About Anthem Commercial Air Services

  • Anthem is immediately available to provides a unique balance of reliable and versatile equipment, professionals accustomed to success, and a strong, recent history of Fixed-Price, Cost-Reimbursement and IDIQ Contracts in the aviation services realm. Having grown the company in a metered manner, with capital reinvested from our early successes and absent of investor pressure, our ability to rapidly provide scalable solutions, exceeding expectations at costs bordering the ‘insignificant’ has become our cornerstone. 

  • Our aircraft are the ideal choice for affordable fixed-wing, high endurance, air services across a wide variety of mission areas that are customer driven. Anthem is a Service Veteran and Women Owned Small Business established in 2007 and headquartered in Saint Augustine, Florida. Anthem maintains a full-time staff of personnel and a secure hanger for storage of GFE at its principal base of operations at Herlong Field or Airport, Jacksonville, Florida.

  •  Anthem provides Government and select Commercial clients with air services, personnel, logistics, test/evaluation support and training services. Our staff has in-depth experience in aviation, maritime, intelligence, technology development, logistics and special operations support. We specialize in responsive, client tailored, cost-conscious solutions in the evolving markets with the awareness and agility to mitigate unforeseen challenges. Anthem’s will provide your organization with the proper capability without the overhead burden of larger and less flexible companies.

  • Safety, Value and Integrity are at the heart of Anthem. This core philosophy is realized by our clients with innovative results as a measure of success and innovation. Value is created by Anthem in every aspect o by our short and long term clients successes. Our clients come first, and we always strive in creative and meaningful ways to meet our clients needs with our long established integrity. We continue to provide clients with user defined services, efficient solutions, defined by Anthem providing efficient solutions that are defined by the requirements of the customer in quality flight services that fit the evolving needs without contracting or procurement delays. Our aircraft platform selection and pilot experience are an integral part of our success.

  • Anthem maintains its aircraft to the highest levels of safety. Anthem has the ability to engineer unique aircraft configurations with FAA and DoD requirements/processes. Anthem’s highly diverse and qualified team of pilots, technicians and logistic operators provide a high level of experience across all critical aviation areas. Our safety, flight operations, maintenance, and equipment integration success since 2006 have demonstrated Anthem's unmatched mission completion rates, versatility, and exceptional value by adhering to the principles on which were founded.

  • Our Proven Adaptable Manned Aerial Platform, the Cessna 337 aircraft, are the ideal choice for affordable fixed wing, high endurance, air services across a wide variety of mission areas providing clients with user defined services to fit evolving needs. Anthem has a 99% mission completion rate since 2008 for operations in support of US Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, General Dynamics, PAE Global Mission Services, NOAA, and many others.

  • Anthem is staffed by highly experienced Pilots, Maintenance, Avionics and Special Missions Personnel that have many years of experience installing Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), developing interfaces between client-supplied equipment and aircraft operations systems, and developing new electronic and mechanical systems to support specialized mission requirements that integrate the latest technology into existing air-frames.

  • Anthem's Diverse Group of Aviation Professionals include Naval Aviators, Army Aviators, Naval Flight Officers (NFOs), Naval Flight Engineers, Commanding Officers, Major Airline Pilots, AP/IA Mechanics and General Aviation Specialists.

  • Our Flight Crews have Commanded Worldwide Maritime Patrol, Reconnaissance and Warfare missions. All pilots are Low-level, Formation, and Over-water qualified and proficient in bomber/fighter tactics, with prior military and law enforcement backgrounds.

  • Top Secret Clearance available

  • DOI carded for low level, over water, and reconnaissance, our flight crews have extensive training in threat simulation and electronic attack flight profiles.

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