Established in 2006, Anthem has demonstrated unmatched mission completion rates, versatility, and exceptional value by adhering to the principles on which were founded. Our primary platform’s selection and pilot experience are an integral part of our success.  The distinct configuration of the 337 lends to its unrivaled performance. As a twin-engine, centerline thrust, high-wing aircraft, its 8.0 hr endurance, all-weather, extended overwater and modular payload capabilities are but a few of the reasons that we are in a category of our own in the field of contract air services. Our employment of former tactical Naval Aviators (exclusively) assures commensurate expertise in all phases of performance.  The value of such experience and maturity in applications that are frequently pioneering and critical to our defense (weapon system acceptance, delivery or efficacy) is difficult to capture for those outside of the engineering complex, invaluable to those who are familiar, but impossible to replicate with any less focus on the capability of our people.

Our ability to field these services at rates magnitudes less than other providers is also difficult to comprehend, primarily for the reason that we are unlike any other contracting entity in recent history. As most of those for whom we work know, the time, adage and constant pressure to “do more with less” has officially arrived. At a cost of around $1,000 an hour, Anthem is somewhat ostracized by major contracting entities for reducing their margin to bill “pass-through” fees, while often being overlooked by others for being priced too far below that with which they are accustomed to paying. It is our resounding opinion that this time of fiscal constraints could ideally result in a return to value, competency and performance-based contracting, independent of historical norms and the lobbying power of large, antiquated and well connected organizations whose time has passed. Anthem is a veteran-owned, small business federal contractor.

(DUNS 809240463).

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